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- 2008 Fruit & Nut Varieties List -


We have a very diverse collections of fruit species & varieties,
all on such a small organic homestead of only 1.65 acres !!!

Currently we have 122 varieties in the ground...
so we are currently over half way to our goal of over 200 varieties !!!


KEY: * - needs protection during freezes

Apple, "Anna" (2)

Apple, "Ein Shemer"

Apple, "Golden Dorsett"

Apple, "Tropic Beauty"

*Banana, "Super Dwarf Cavendish" (10)

Bignay (a.k.a. Antidesma)

*Black Sapote, Seedling (Chocolate Pudding Fruit)

Blueberry, Southern Highbush, "Premadonna"

Blueberry, Southern Highbush, "Windsor"

Brush Cherry, Australian


Che, Seedless (Mandarin Melon Berry)

Cherry of the Rio Grande

Date, "Medjool" (4)

Fig, "Alma"

Fig, "Brown Turkey" (9)

Fig, "Celeste" (2)

Fig, "Conadria"

Fig, "Magnolia"

Fig, "Marseilles"

Fig, "Pasquale"

Fig, "Royal Vineyard"

Fig, "Texas Everbearing"

Fig, "Violette de Bordeux"

Grape, Dessert (Southern), Mortenson

Grape, Dessert, "Red Flame" Seedless

Grape, Dessert, "Villiard Blanc"

Grape, Muscadine, "Cowart"

Grape, Muscadine, "Darlene"

Grape, Muscadine, "Granny Val"

Grape, Muscadine, "Ison's Black"

Grape, Muscadine, "Late Fry"

Grape, Muscadine, "Magnolia"

Grape, Muscadine, "Skuppernong"

Grape, Muscadine, hybrid, "Southern Home"

Grape, Muscadine, "Summit"

Grape, Muscadine, "Supreme"

Grape, Muscadine, "Tara"

Grapefruit, "Duncan" (3)

Grapefruit, "Marsh" Seedless White

Grapefruit, "Ruby Red"

Grapefruit, "Thompson" Pink Seedless Grapefruit

*Guava, Ruby Supreme"

Jelly Palm (Pindo Palm) (4)

Key Lime

Kumquat, "Centennial", Variegated

Kumquat, "Marumi"

Kumquat, "Meiwa"

Kumquat, "Nagami"

Lemon, "Meyer"

Lemon, Pink Variegated

Lemon, "Ponderosa"


Loquat, "Oliver"

Mandarin, "Clementine"

Mandarin/Tangerine, "Dancy"

Mandarin/Tangerine, "Page"

Mandarin, "Sunburst"

Mandarin/Tangerine, "Robinson"

Mandarin hybrid, "Wekiwa" ("Lavender Gem")

Mayhaw, Florida

Monstera (Ceriman) (9)

Mulberry, Black Asian Everbearing (over 100)

Mulberry, Black Dwarf

Mulberry, Giant Black

Mulberry, Pakistani

Natal Plum, Dwarf

Nectarine, "Sun Best"

Nectarine, "Sunraycer"

Nectarine, "Sunred"

Olive, European, "Frantoio"

Orange, "Hamlin"

Orange, "Navel"

Orange, "Page" hybrid

Orange, "Parson Brown"

Orange, "Red Navel"

Orange, "Sanguinelli" Blood

Orange, "Page" hybrid

Orange, "Valencia"

Papaya (2)

Papaya, "Red Lady" (2)

Peach, "Florda Prince"

Peach, "Florida Home"

Peach, "Tropic Snow"

Peach, "UF 2000"

Peach, "UF Beauty"

Peach, "UF Gold"

Peach, "UF Sun"

Peach, "UFO"

Pear, "Hood"

Pecan, Northern, "Pawnee" Dwarf

Persimmon, "Fuyugaki"

Persimmon, "Giombo"

Persimmon, "Great Wall"

Persimmon, "Saijo" Japanese

Persimmon, "Sheng"

Persimmon, "Tanennashi"

Persimmon, "Triumph"

*Pineapple, "Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet", aka "MD2" (over 100)

*Pineapple, "Manorama"

*Pineapple, Pink (Variegated) (15)

*Pineapple, "Red Spanish" (5)

*Pineapple, "Royal Hawaiian" (5)

*Pineapple, "Sugarloaf" (5)

Plum, "Gulf Beauty"

Plum, "Gulf Rose"

Plum, "Scarlet Beauty"

Pomegranate, Dwarf

Pomegranate, "Hipolito"

Pomegranate, Russian

Pomegranate, "Sweet"

Pomegranate, Vietnamese (3)

Pomegranate, "Wonderful"

Queen Palm

Strawberry Guava (Cattlet Guava) (2)

*Sugar Apple (Anon)

Surinam Cherry

Surinam Cherry, Black

Tangelo, "Minneola" (Honeybelle)

Tangor, "Murcott" (Honey Orange)

Tangor, "Temple"

*White Sapote, "Suebelle"

Last Updated: 7.09.2008

For more information or questions, please contact Andy Firk at:
863-993-3228 (farm)
M-F 7am-5pm (EST)

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