Bamboo Grove's amazing 2006 Back-to-the-Land Resource Guide

Bamboo Grove Farm Introduction
(visit our new location in Southwest Florida, 1 hour from Sarasota ... see MapQuest)

Florida Organic Gardening & Homesteading

Vegetable Planting Chart

Bamboo Grove's Edible Landscape Design

Our Fruit's Harvest Dates

Misc. Edibles at Bamboo Grove

Organic Farms of South Florida

Bamboo Species at Bamboo Grove

Fruit Varieties at Bamboo Grove

Potted Plants For Sale

Sub-Tropical Homesteading Publications

Local Environmental Issue

Back-to-the-Land Links

Environmental Groups of S. Florida

Plants at our Farms

Complete Plant List (2001)

Fruits A-C / D-M / N-Z

Bamboo Species at Bamboo Grove

Palms - Nut Trees

- Edible Vines - Edible Roots (Perrenial)

Caribbean Garden Plants

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